SEMACRET project (Sustainable exploration for orthomagmatic critical raw materials in the EU) aims to find new ore prospecting methods.

17.2.2023 /

The SEMACRET project is coordinated by Oulu Mining School at the University of Oulu, and the consortium is composed of 16 parties from 12 different countries including EU, South Africa, and UK. The EU and UKRI invest 6.67 M and 0.83 M Euro respectively, with a total budget of 7.5 M euros for the three year project, implemented from June 2022.

In the SEMACRET project ore deposit model will be refined following the mineral system concept. Intensive geodata related to lithospheric scale structure will be integrated for regional exploration targeting. Different technologies (e.g., geophysics, geochemistry, artificial intelligence) will be combined together as means for finding the ores, and mineral resource modelling will be improved in terms of accuracy and efficiency via artificial intelligence. The project will develop means to promote social awareness of critical raw materials and their responsible sourcing through collaboration of geosciences, social sciences and artificial intelligence.

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