Estonian MPs visiting Ministry of Employment and the Economy – and FinnMin

11.4.2014, 11:16 - Pekka Suomela

A group of  Estonian MPs and representatives from Estonian mining industry visited today in Helsinki. They met Senior Adviser of Mining Affaires, Riikka Aaltonen who presented the current themes and challenges of Finland’s mining policy.

Later on they visited FinnMin Finnish Mining Association where they enjoined presentations covering:

  • Outlook for Finland’s economy and current challenges by Mr Jukka Palokangas, the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Eteläranta
  • Sitra’s project ”Resonsible Mining Council” by Mr Heikki Sorasahi
  • Mining Industry in Finland, by Mr Pekka Suomela, FinnMin

During the afternoon it was discussed about similarities and differencies of mining industries in Estonia and Finland.

It was agreed that mining industry is a branch of challenges. An possibilities also.