“The EU in the Arctic, the Arctic in the EU”

11.9.2014, 09:00 - Jenna Stenroos
Kartta latautuu...

09:00 - 17:00

Centre de Presse internationale “Résidence Palace”

The purpose of the seminar will be to discuss the role of the EU in the Arctic, and the role of the Arctic in the EU.

During the morning policy session, high-level keynote speakers will present their perspectives of the Arctic in global, Northern, EU and regional perspectives. A panel of Members of the European Parliament will also reflect on the role of EU in the Arctic.

In the afternoon session, members from the EU Arctic Information Centre network will present the results of its “Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of development of the Arctic”, financed by and in partnership with the European Commission Directorate-General for the Environment.

A draft copy of the seminar program is available.

A finalised version of the agenda will be posted on the www.arcticinfo.eu website right before the conference.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation by Friday 5 September 2014 AT THE LATEST by registering at: http://bit.ly/1nkitja