Oulu Mining Summit

3.9.2018, 00:00 - Niilo Valkonen
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03.09.2018 - 05.09.2018
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Oulu Mining School (University of Oulu) and Business Oulu have the pleasure to cordially invite you to the upcoming annual Oulu Mining Summit.

Oulu Mining Summit aims to build up a platform for mining companies, universities, research institutes, consulting companies and other mining-related enterprises. The summit is:

  • to disseminate updated science and technology covering the whole chain from geology and geophysics to mining engineering and mineral processing,
  • to present successful examples from mining or mining-related industry,
  • to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas, and
  • to discuss the challenges in current mining and mining related fields.

The first Summit was on Mineral Processing in 2016, and the second Summit was on Geological Exploration. The third Summit will be held on September 3-5, 2018 at the University of Oulu.

This summit will focus on mining engineering and technology in Finland, and its main topics are mining method and ore recovery, rock drilling and rock blasting, in-situ stresses and rock support,  deep mining, rock bursts and seismic events, digitalization and artificial intelligence, mining safety and environment impact,  optimization from mine to mill and  education and professional training in mining industry.


Monday 3. September  2018
17:00 to 21:00 Icebreaker evening in the Oulu Mining School Research Center
Tuesday 4. September 2018
9:00 – 18.00 Conference program
presentations of mining engineering by  mining companies and Oulu Mining School
Wednesday 5. September 2018
Mine visit to Kemi Mine

The summit will arrange a one-day visit to Kemi mine which is the only chrome ore mine in Europe. Kemi mine is one of modern underground mines with high automation and mechanization. The participants will see main operations in the underground and the surface during the visit.
Conference registration will be opened later.

Regular conference participation (including icebreaker, lunch and refreshments during the conference day): 170 €
Oulu Mining School students: free of charge (refresments & lunch during the conference not included)
Other students: 20€ (refresments & lunch during the conference not included)
Excursion: Mine visit (more information availble later)
Regular participants: 40 €
Students: 20 €