Minerals_source for growth/Green Mining Program commercialization matchmaking

1.6.2016, 08:30 - varaukset
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The event consists of three different seminars concentrating on the opportunities and challenges of sustainable mining in the situation where environmental concerns grow, metal prices decrease and on the other hand more rare metals are required to fulfill the demand eg. in wind energy production and battery technology.

On Wednesday 1st of June there is a match-making event where results of recent sustainable mining project results will be harvested from the commercialization point of view. Project groups will be matched with interested stakeholders from industry and/or from research sector. In the event the project groups from Finnish Green Mining Program,  http://www.tekes.fi/en/programmes-and-services/tekes-programmes/green-mining/, will pitch their results and further plans. Participating delegates are also welcome to have their pitches within this scope. The pitches are followed by a speed-dating meeting. Participants can book the meetings with research groups prior the event through the registration link.

On Thursday 2nd of June, a high level seminar is arrange to have an overview to the recent development of Finnish mining industry and technology and how it can contribute to European mineral strategy. A high level panel, discussing about European raw material supply, will be arrange in the seminar. On Friday 3rd June, Geological Survey of Finland will have an outlook of current situation in exploration and mining in Finland. Presentations also deal with the new exploration technologies and Finnish mineral potential particularly from European raw material demand point of view.

The event is free of charge. Please register yourself and get the updated program from the link: https://tapahtumat.tekes.fi/event/source_for_growth

For further information:

Harry Sandström, harry.sandstrom@spinverse.com, +358 400 709899

Kari Keskinen, kari.keskinen@tekes.fi, +358 50 5577843

Maija Uusisuo, maija.uusisuo@tem.fi, +358 295060222

Marie-Louise Wiklund, marie-louise.wiklund@gtk.fi, +358 295032544

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