Conference on the EIP on Raw Materials

5.12.2013, 00:00 - Pekka Suomela

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European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials Annual Conference 2013, 5 December 2013, Brussels

We need to join forces to tap Europe’s enormous own potential of raw materials. Intensified action is required to make Europe the world leader in the capabilities related to exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020. It will be the key to Europe’s ability to develop today the technologies of tomorrow. Such innovation is decisive for Europe’s competitiveness, sustainable growth and new jobs.” (Vice-President Antonio Tajani)

The Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the EIP RM was formally adopted on the 25 September 2013. In order to implement the SIP and to be successful, the EIP needs to involve a very large number of partners across the European Union and the entire raw materials value chain that will carry out actions contributing to the objectives of the EIP.

Actions by EU institutions alone will not be sufficient, nor will funding from the EU budget alone. This is why the European Commission will launch soon an open call for commitments by stakeholders in the private, public and non-governmental sectors including academia. It is anticipated that the call will trigger a number of individual raw materials commitments, where the partners jointly commit to co-operate and take actions that will contribute to achieving the objectives of the SIP, in the different action areas.