Liittovaltion tila: metallien ja mineraalien tuotannon määrät ja arvo nousivat

3.2.2015, 15:10 - Pekka Suomela

In 2014, the estimated value of total nonfuel mineral production increased in the United States. The quantity of production increased for most mineral commodities mined in the United States. Prices increased for the majority of mineral commodities, but notable exceptions were the declines in prices for most precious metals. Minerals remained fundamental to the U.S. economy, contributing to the real gross domestic product (GDP) at several levels, including mining, processing, and manufacturing finished products. Following the reduction in construction activity that began with the 2008–09 recession and continued through 2011, the construction industry continued to expand in 2014, with increased production and consumption of cement, construction sand and gravel, crushed stone, and gypsum, mineral commodities that are used almost exclusively in construction.

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