MMG resumes shipments at Las Bambas after blockade

23.10.2020, 20:57 - eeppo

Australia-based MMG resumed transporting copper from Las Bambas mine to the Matarani port in Arequipa, Peru, after the local community ended a road blockade.

The miner had to temporarily halt shipments for six days, after protesters blocked a road at Tuntuma, 200 kilometers from the mine.

The community had asked the company to pay $277,446 for development projects, according to local news reports.

Overall, the mine was disrupted for more than 100 days last year

Minera Las Bambas met yesterday with the representatives of Tuntuma and Collana and has reached agreements “that will contribute to the development of both communities,” the company said in a statement.

Las Bambas is the world’s ninth-largest copper mine, with an output of between 350,000 and 370,000 tonnes of copper in concentrate previously expected for 2020, or about 2% of the world’s projected production.

Operations at the mine had been repeatedly hit in previous months as a result of blockades by local community members protesting against alleged ongoing pollution of their lands.

Overall, the mine was disrupted for more than 100 days last year, with more than 70 communities along the 450 kilometre road to the Port of Matarani demanding action from the company and the national government.

MMG has withdrawn its 2020 production forecast for Las Bambas in April, after the South American country extended a state of emergency to slow the spread of coronavirus.