Metso Outotec launches new high-pressure grinding technology

20.10.2020, 20:07 - eeppo

Metso Outotec has launched the next evolution of the high-pressure grinding roll (HPGR), the HRCe HPGR. The industry standard was previously set with the launch of the HRC HPGR back in 2014, which pioneered the use of flanges and non-skewing design.

Now, this proven grinding performance that brings energy efficiency, lower circulating loads and increased throughput is strengthened with an additional design evolution.

The HRCe comes with a decreased installation capital cost when compared with the HRC. Changes in design allow for maximum productivity with proven technology that leads to superior grinding efficiency.

“We are very excited about the new HRCe, which combines proven technology and customer-focused evolutions. Metso Outotec is the only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that has been able to design and develop reliable flanged HPGR technology that has demonstrated superior performance for many years in the mining industry,” Christoph Hoetzel, head of the grinding business line at Metso Outotec, said in a release. “We will continue utilizing our proven technology, but have evolved the design to maximize value for our customers and (for) superior grinding efficiency.”

Key benefits of the HRCe include:

  • Improved energy efficiency by up to 15%;
  • Lowered circulating load by up to 24%;
  • Increased throughputs by up to 19%;
  • Eliminated of the edge effect through a combination of a proven flange design and anti-skew assembly;
  • Removed downtime caused by skewing events.