Meridian Mining confirms community support for Cabaçal copper-gold project in Brazil

24.9.2020, 16:25 - eeppo

Meridian Mining (TSXV: MNO) announced that it has confirmed that there is strong and positive community support for the development of the historical Cabaçal copper-gold project in Brazil.

In a press release, the British company said that this support was verified during a recent due-diligence site visit to the project, which spans five different municipalities: Sao Jose dos Quatro Marcos, Rio Branco, Mirassol d’Oeste, Araputanga and Lambari do Oeste in the western-central state of Mato Grosso.

 Cabaçal spans five different municipalities in the western-central state of Mato Grosso

According to Meridian Mining, its team was also able to verify that historical works at Cabaçal have undergone successful rehabilitation; that local infrastructure is well maintained and that the majority of the areas hosting copper-gold mineralization are currently being used for pasture.

“The Cabaçal communities strongly support the exploration and mining industry, based on the past operational history which delivered economic benefits through job creation and infrastructure,” the media brief states. “The Cabaçal mine had been historically decommissioned and areas returned to pastoral use. The site of the portal to the underground workings is visible but sealed. Extensional drill target areas are readily accessible in open grassland.”

As the visit took place, the miner was also reviewing extensive historical technical records on the project. 

“Additional records have been retrieved through the archives of the historical operators, RTZ, who with the current owner’s permission have liberated scanned documents and maps relating to the project for review, providing a wealth of historical geophysical, geochemical, drilling and production data,” the statement reads.